Over 13 years experience as an in-house software developer. Expertise in designing and maintaining Oracle database driven client and web-based applications to assist scientist in Bio, Chemo and Pharmaco informatics research. My primary area of experience has been in the biotechnology industries. Skilled in problem-solving and communications.




·         Ruby on Rails (last 2  years)

·         Oracle database schema design

·         SQL/PLSQL

·         Unix/Linux Administration and shell scripting

·         Perl

·         HTML, CSS, Javascript

·         XML, XSLT

·         Java C/C++

·         VB

·         Oracle Administration

·         VB.NET, ASP.NET





LUNDBECK RESEARCH USA (formerly Synaptic Pharmaceutical), Paramus, NJ               1997 – 2010


Collaborated directly with scientists to create platform specific and web-based applications and tools.  Designed and coded the entire application from the backend database schema to the client front end user interface.  Provided hands-on support, maintenance and enhancement of existing applications written in-house or purchased commercially.


Programmer Analyst IV (2005-2010)

·         Ruby on Rails : Played  a key role in developing an in-house RoR ( version 2.3..x) application using ExtJS web components. Backend database was Oracle 10g.


-          Part of a 6 person cross transatlantic development team (3 in the US and 3 in Denmark)

-          Source code kept in GitHub

-          Developed on a Linux platform using RubyMine and Netbeans IDEs

-          Worked closely with end users throughout the design lifecycle following Agile principals.


·         ASP.Net

             Wrote Web applications for:

-          Searching tissue localization studies by gene name and species

-          Searching chemical structures by compound name or structure fragment

-          Managing projects and members of projects called project groups

-          Wrote numerous .Net Web Services to facilitate SOAP messaging.

·         Java

-          Wrote a purely java database querying tool called DBQuery and then turned app into Java applet.

·         Vb.Net

-          Wrote windows services to integrate the output from various types of lab equipment with existing data warehouse.

·         Activity Base : Product written by company called IDBS.  Its purpose is to help scientist store experimental data using excel spreadsheets

-          Maintained backend database and wrote helper Oracle procedure to integrate the software with existing data warehouse.


·         VB

-          Wrote an in-house application called Sequence Analysis Work Shop (SAWS) to help manage biological sequence data.

-          Wrote first iteration of an in-house application called BioMatts, which improved biological material data.

·         XML, XSLT, HTML and Java Script

-          Wrote XML/XSLT formatted reports to present Oracle database data to multiple audiences.



Programmer Analyst I-III (1999-2005)

·         SQL/PLSQL

-          Used SQL/PLSQL, Perl, DBI/DBD, CGI and HTML to create company’s first data-driven web pages and forms.

·         Crystal Reports

-          Created many web-based crystal reports to produce graphs and charts of interest to scientists.

·         Perl

-          Began using Perl as a Unix shell script replacement because of its richer syntax for manipulating textual data.

-          Programmed in Perl to parse data into Oracle database tables.


System Administrator (1997-1999)

·         Oracle Databases

-          Co-installed and maintained first Oracle databases. Completed many Oracle training classes to help in this effort.  Learned SQL/PLSQL.

·         Unix/Linux

-          Hired as System Admin of Synaptic Pharmaceutical’s first main frame Unix computer, a Dec Alpha 4100 running True64 Unix.

-          Wrote Unix shell scripts using VI as editor to help manage Bioinformatics data.

-          Maintained a software product called ‘SeqLab’.




U.S. Army Armament Research Development & Engineering Center, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ


Mechanical Engineer GS-0830-12

·         Designed, modeled and tested various weapon systems.

·         Used and wrote code in Fortran, Unix, C and C++ to facilitate Weapons design, modeling, simulation and testing work.




B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pratt Institute, New York, NY


Successfully completed courses given by Oracle, Learning Tree International and Microsoft

at intervals of at least twice per year